Treating Unconsciousness in all ages



Step 1: Check consciousness
• Check the victim for signs of consciousness.
• Open the victim’s airway and check her breathing.
• If the victim is not breathing, begin rescue breaths.
• If the victim is breathing, place her in the recovery position and treat any injuries (see step 3).

Step 2: Summon help
• Dial 911 or call EMS.
• Look for clues to the cause of the condition, such as needle marks, medical warning bracelets, or identification cards.
• Ask bystanders for any information they may have that you can give to the emergency services.

Step 3: Treat injuries
• Examine the victim gently for any serious injuries.
• Control any bleeding. Check for and support suspected broken arms or legs.

Step 4: Monitor victim
• Stay with the victim until medical help arrives.
• Monitor her breathing regularly and pulse every 10 minutes.
• Check for any changes in the victim’s level of consciousness by asking simple questions or shaking her gently every 5–10 minutes.

• Do not move the victim unnecessarily in case there is spinal injury.
• If you need to leave the victim to get help, place her in the recovery position.
• Do not shake a baby or child.
• Be prepared to begin resuscitation.
• Do not give an unconscious victim anything to eat or drink.

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