Where and how it should be used Clopidogrel

Common indications:¬†Clopidogrel is generally prescribed with aspirin, although clopidogrel may be used alone where aspirin is contraindicated or not tolerated. 1. For treatment of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), where rapid inhibition of platelet aggregation can prevent or limit arterial thrombosis and reduce subsequent mortality. 2. To prevent occlusion of coronary artery stents. 3. For long-term […]


INDICATIONS symptomatic relief of allergy such as hay fever , urticaria   CAUNTIONS see notes above ; also pregnancy (appendix 4) and breast-feeding (appendix 5)   DOSE 1mg twice daily ,increased up to 6mg daily if required ; INFANT under 1year not recommended , CHILD 1-3year 250-500 micrograms twice daily , 3-6 years 500 micrograms […]