Where and how it should be used Aspirin

Common indications:  1. For treatment of acute coronary syndrome and acute ischaemic stroke, where rapid inhibition of platelet aggregation can prevent or limit arterial thrombosis and reduce subsequent mortality. 2. For long-term secondary prevention of thrombotic arterial events in patients with cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial disease. 3. To reduce the risk of intracardiac thrombus and […]

Where and how it should be used Adrenaline

In life-threatening situations, adrenaline is administered first then prescribed later. In adult cardiac arrest associated with a shockable rhythm (ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia), adrenaline 1 mg IV is given just after the third shock, and repeated every 3–5 minutes thereafter (i.e. every other cycle of CPR). If the rhythm is not shockable (asystole […]